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Offshore Equipment & Services ApS is a strong partner in the marine and offshore industry with increasing market power and number of partners.
Our main tasks are projects and mobilisation for various types of vessels, where we secure and make sure that clients are always able to sail and do not have off days.

Safety equipment

We offer and provide our clients with safety equipment to protect their workers and avoid injuries, casualities, life threatening situations etc. Offshore Equipment & Services is the official main dealer and service center of Besto in Denmark.

Survival kits

A well-equipped survival kit is essential to your well-being, especially in offshore industry. There is a wide variety of survival kits for all emergency disasters, and we offer survival kits of high quality, versatility, and affordability for all of our clients.


  • Time

    In Offshore Equipment & Services we know that time is crucial for our clients, therefore we are trying to limit ‘off ‘ days to zero and fulfill our client’s needs as fast as possible. From the first contact and order, we are working on 100% to finish our task in shortest possible time to their satisfaction.

  • Quality

    Quality factor is for us and for our clients very important, because we want to build correct, good, and long term relationships. Besides we want to offer our clients the best possible quality for fair market price.

  • Safety

    The philosophy of Offshore Equipment & Services is that safety is a very important factor if not the most important. Therefore we pay huge attention for our client’s safety needs, comments and suggestion about improvements. In addition we are the main dealer and provider of Besto life saving equipment in Demark.

  • Flexibility

    Clients’ satisfaction is very important to Offshore Equipment & Services and flexibility as we know is crucial for fulfilling it. That is why you can always contact us with questions, comments or suggestions, and we’ll do what we can to help out.