In Offshore Equipment & Services, we offer to customer 24/7 rental service every day in the year. We are ready every day to provide our customer with equipment that is in perfect condition, and checked on regular basis. Therefore, everything we offer is certified up to date, with all safety requirements and ready to use. Moreover, we offer long-term rentals as well as short-term rentals to our customers.

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        • Double-walled ADR transport tank approved for both diesel and petrol.
        • Easy to install with pumping equipment
        • Safe and environmentally friendly tank with inner baffle
        • Outer tank can hold 125% of the inner volume of the tank
        • Suction tube for draining the space between the inner and outer tanks
        • 600 x 600 mm frame
        • Muff the inner and outer tank for emptying and cleaning the tank.
        • Stackable/stacking bar – 2 pieces in height with liquid
        • 4 pcs. Lifting eyes
        • Truck pockets
        • Sand-blasted and painted to C3, 140 micron
        • ADR/RID 2011 godkendt / UN1202 og UN1203


        • (The equipment varies- depending on the recipient country)
        • 2 pcs. 1 “straws
        • Level Meter
        • 2 “filler cap
        • Tank Alarm with 1 “Ball valve
        • The pothole
        • Gun holder


        • 12, 24 or 230 volt pump
        • K33 Counter
        • Filter
        • Snake
        • Auto. Gun
        • Lifting Chains
        • Quick couplings
        • Over-loading alarm
        • Padlock
        • Lift arm from 400-1500 liters


Marine fenders are a critical element of any commercial marine docking facility and provide the necessary protection between a large vessel and the docking structure itself. Our marine fenders are utilized by a variety of clientele.

All of our marine fenders are tested to the most rigorous standards per the latest international requirements, and Offshore Equipment & Services leads the way in providing honest, practical and proven solutions for our clients.

We offer:

    • Pneumatic Rubber Fender 500 x 1000
    • Pneumatic Rubber Fender 1200 x 2000
    • Pneumatic Rubber Fender 1500 x 3000
    • Pneumatic Rubber Fender 2000 x 3500
    • Pneumatic Rubber Fender 2500 x 5500
    • Pneumatic Rubber Fender 3300 x 6500

Our product line includes numerous types of marine fenders for various applications. For more specific information, questions, comments or suggestions, please contact us and we’ll do what we can to help out.
Contact us for more details +45 79 30 60 90

Gangways are used by the marine industry to provide access between ships and docks.  Our ship gangways have earned the reputation for safe, reliable performance in heavy duty operations in harsh marine environments.

We offer:

  • Gangway 6 mtr.
  • Gangway 9 mtr.
  • Gangway 12 mtr.
  • Gangway 16 mtr.
  • Gangway 19,35 mtr.
  • Acces ladder with trolley on rail

Containers are an excellent solution when you need fast, low cost and reliable storage space or when shipping project and relief cargoes with a storage need at destination. When you temporarily need additional space, you can rent a storage container or shipping container. This space can serve as a temporary warehouse, an extension of your transport fleet or as additional cooling facilities.

We offer;


The 20ft standard container is the world’s most used container type for intermodal transportation. It meets the ISO standards, and is supplied with CSC certification. Besides transportation purposes, this type is also ideal as a storage container.


  • Suitable as storage and/or shipping container
  • Equipped with wooden floor
  • Supplied with CSC approval


The 10ft container is the smallest size container in our product range that meets the CSC requirements. Together with the ISO certification it is therefore suitable for intermodal transportation. Normally, the container is equipped with a wooden floor.


  • Suitable as storage and/or shipping container
  • Equipped with wooden floor
  • Supplied with CSC approval

Diameter: 48 cm
Height: 97 cm
Volume: 150 L
Working Load Limit (WLL): 80 kg

The bag has a service life of 5 years. The bag is subject to inspections every 6 or 12 months, as any other lifting equipment.

The bag is made out of a 1800 x 900 pvc-black flat coated material.
The lifting straps are made from high quality double plain nylon.
The bottom cover is made from PEHD plastic to prolong the bag’s service life.
The bag has handles mounted on the side to ease handling.

The bag has obtained certification according to the Council Directive of:
17th of May 2006 (2006/42/EF) relating to machinery.
The bag is delivered with a serial number and a certificate.

Toolbox Lifting Frame is unique product manufactured by Offshore Equipment & Services. With its all safety certifications and regular controls all our Toolbox Lifting Frames are ready to use for our clients. A frame is designed to lift a toolbox. The toolbox transfers equipment from the bottom of a wind turbine tower to the nacelle at the top, where the lift is to be performed offshore.

Offshore Equipment & Services offers a large fleet of lifting equipment for rental

Comprehensive range for rental and sale, with pneumatic operation up to 10 tonnes and hydraulic operation from 10-250 tonnes, complete with hydraulic power packs. Four and six point specialist mooring systems available.

Available for rental or sale with pneumatic and hydraulic operation, capability between 50-250 tonnes.

Specialist spooling services available for new umbilical spooling under tension and wire-rope spooling for winches.

Provides full monitoring of crane parameters including load on hook, hook position and environmental factors.

Gives an accurate measurement of load and tension, line out and speed with alarms.