MASAVA products:

• are Danish development and environmental safe.
• contain no petrochemical solvents.
• do not liberate poisonous gas, and can be used in closed rooms.
• are not inflammable.
• are certified and approved according to HOCNF, CHARM and the Norwegian Environmental rules.
• are fast separating according to IMO, and can be used in an oil separator.

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MASAVA Dan Quick Extra with Ammonium is an effective cleaning product to be used on all hard surfaces that tolerates water. Dan Quick Ekstra with Ammonium removes all forms of dirt and grease fast. The product may be used for cleaning of tiles, bath tubs, wash basins, floors, painted walls, woodwork, decks, gangways, kitchen equipment and ovens.

Masava Dan Quick Extra – Product Sheet

MASAVA Dan Quick is a liquid detergent for manual diswashing. The product can also be used for lighter cleaning and carwashing. Dan Quick is mild to your fingers and complete bio-degradable.

Masava Dan Quick – Product Sheet

MASAVA Floor Soap Extra is a caring and maintaining floor-soap produced from the best vegetable oils. A protective film is built up on repeated use of this soap. This hard-wearing film protects the floor surface and extends the lifetime as well as improving its appearance and facilitating the cleaning. Masava Floor Soap Extra may be used on all floor surfaces.

Masava Floor Soap Extra – Product Sheet

MASAVA Lime Remover is a waterbased acid primary cleaning product. The product is used for removal of lime and rusting on tiles, stainless steel and sanitary installations.

Masava Lime Remover Household – Product Sheet

Masava Lime Remover Industry – Product Sheet

MASAVA Max is an alkaline cleaning agent, dilutable with water. It can be used against occurrence of oil, grease and dirt on surfaces, floors, walls, fixtures, engines, machinery as well as other metal parts. Should not be used on surfaces not proof against alkaline matters. will cause mattering to glass unless precautions are taken. Rinse of with water. The product can be used in an oil separator.

Masava Max – Product Sheet


MASAVA Rig Cleaner is a basic and effective waterbased all-round degreasing product, specifically developed for use on ships and drilling rigs in the Norwegian part of the North Sea. The product is used where oil, grease and other dirt must be removed from floors, walls, carpets, inventory, machinery, machine parts, filters and other surfaces that can withstand water.

The product can furthermore be used for washing work clothes, in the accommodation for stain cleaning of upholstery and carpets, removal of nicotine from walls in cabins and saloons and in the galley for wash-down of Galley exhauster fan and other greasy or soiled surfaces.

Masava Rig Cleaner – Product Sheet

MASAVA Rust Remover is a water based acidic cleansing agent for removal of extra heavy formations of rust in containers, pipes, pumps, filters, cooling systems, kettles and water-evaporators, on deck, in buildings etc.

Masava Rust Remover – Product Sheet

MASAVA Super Sava is a waterbased neutral cleaning product that cleans very effectively oil, grease, soot and dirt from all surfaces that can withstand water. Such as floors, walls, ceilings, inventory, machines, machine parts and other metal parts. The product is further suitable as graffiti remover. MASAVA Super Sava is free from phosphates and alkalis and generate moderate foam.

Masava Super Sava – Product Sheet

MASAVA Tank Cleaner is a very effective, concentrated basic cleaning product with a strong grease- and protein-dissolving property. The Tank Cleaner has a high effect on removing discoloring from inert gas and sot, and removing heavy grease and proteins after various oil cargos. The product is IMO approved and is listed on IMO’s MEPC.2/Circ.19 Annex 10 list of 17. dec. 2013

Masava Tank Cleaner – Product Sheet

Masava Toilet Cleaner – Product Sheet

MASAVA Window Cleaner is a very effective cleaning product used for cleaning and polishing glass, mirrors, glasses, stainless steel and other bright surfaces.

Masava Window Cleaner – Product Sheet