Mooring equipment

In Offshore Equipment & Services we offer products from the world largest stockist of anchors and chains. Our stock also include all accessories required, such as shackles and swivels of various types. We store and sell all type of anchors and chains for shipping, offshore and aquaculture.

Our staff are able to load and delivery immediate upon order and can make delivery 24 hours a day, 7 days per week if required. Our staff is always available to offer service to all our customer when required

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We keep stock of all the most common types of anchors for use within offshore, shipping, aquaculture, decoration and etc.  Small anchors from from 10 kgs up to large 40 tonnes anchors can be delivered immediate from stock.

Stockless Anchors

Most popular conventional bow anchors for ships always in stock at SOTRA. The old fashion Hall type and the SPEK type anchors special designed to fit anchor pockets are the most common conventional anchor for most ships. Other types like Baldt, Byers, Union, and US Navy anchors are also available. Size of 10 kgs up to 25 tonnes in stock. (e.g. HALL, SPEK, BALDTBYERSUNIONU.S. NAVY STOCKLESGRUSONKLIPP)

High Holding Power Anchors

The class societies allow 25 % reduction of weight if use of High Holding Power anchors on ships. We keep stock of all the common HHP-anchors like AC-14, POOL-TW, POOL-N, D`Hone, HYT-12 and etc. Size from 50 kgs up to 20 tonnes in stock.

Offshore Anchors

Both brand new and second hand offshore anchors can be supplied from stock in Norway, Scotland and China. We store both the older models as Danforth, TEMCO, BRUCE SS, BRUCE TS, OFFDRILL, MOOREFAST, STEVIN, and the modern design anchors like DRAG CLASS A, SUPERIOR, BRUCE FFTS, LWT, STEVPRIS mk5, STEVPRIS mk3, FLIPPER DELTA, SSHP and STEVPRIS New Generation. Offshore anchors in stock from 1000 kgs up to 40 tonnes.
Plough Anchors

For mooring of fishfarms and other aquaculture installations we supply simple anchors that combine good holding Power and economical price. The most popular plough anchor is the SANDIG design that we keep in stock from 150 kgs up to 3,000 kgs. We also store other plough anchors like MUSHROOM, DELTA and etc  up to 5,000 kgs.

Stock Anchors

Old fashion stock anchors was popular when the tall ships ruled the oceans. Today we supply most of these anchors as decorations for buildings and gardens, but also on regular basis we supply the remaining tall ships. We keep these anchors in stock from 10 kgs up to 3000 kgs. (e.g. ADMIRALITY)

Other Anchors

During history the world have invented hundreds of anchor-types. The more rare types are not in stock, but some of them can be provided upon request. (e.g. ANSALDO, HEUSS SPECIAL, STOKES, HOOK, FLIPPER DELTA, STEVIN, STEVFIX, STEVMUD, STEVPRIS, STEVSHARK)

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